Monday, October 4, 2010

Love off the Hill, not always the easiest

Hi Guys!

Many of you blog readers out there are likely still in high school.  And high school is an amazing time for dating.  The hard part is what to do once you reach the end of your senior year.  Some boyfriends and girlfriends go to the same schools, but most end up in different schools.  Sometimes those schools are hours apart, in different states, or even across the country from each other.  Long distance relationships are really tough and unfortunately do not always last.

My boyfriend and I!

However, I can personally give some insight on what it is like to have my boyfriend not be a Laker along with me and how making it work definitely is possible.  My boyfriend and I did not start dating in high school, but we are from the same home town.  He pretty amazing but it certainly can make my time at the ' Hurst much less enjoyable.  Even though I LOVE it here, there are times where I would rather be anywhere but not with him.  If you are one of those people who's heart is elsewhere (mine is in Ohio...), then let me tell you what I do to cope!

I think the thing that helps me the most is talking to that person everyday.  Whether it is texting, a phone call, or facebook chat (thank you technology!), we are almost constantly in connection with each other.  Another really good way of keeping in connection is through skyping.  Then its like he (or she, for those boys out there) is right there with you.  And my personal favorite way of coping is frequent visits, whether its both going home for the weekend or going to each other's schools. 

While the times in between seeing my significant other suck and i often miss him, I do have a lot of fun at Mercyhurst with all the fun stuff going on and everything I am involved with on campus.  I keep myself busy so that I don't have too much of a chance to miss him.  And another advantage?  I probably get a lot more homework done than couples that both go to Mercyhurst!  The times when I would probably be spending with my other half I fill with school work.  I also work ahead and extra hard before the weekends I leave campus to see him so I can enjoy my time away work-free. 

The point is, while having the person you love far away can make college really really hard (I can't lie and say it will be easy),  it really is possible and there are even some positives!  If you do go to school away from your boyfriend/girlfriend, just promise me you won't let it hold you back from creating your own life at school and enjoying every second you have there!  You only go to college once (...well hopefully) and you have to take full advantage of the time you have!

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