Monday, November 29, 2010

Ready, Set, Go!

HELLOOOOO everyone! 
It has been quite a while since my last blog and MAN haave a lot of things happened! 

Last time I wrote it was finals time, and I am pleased to announce that I survived them!  It was tough to focus in the end because I just wanted to go home and enjoy my break, but I pushed through!  Mercyhurst is really great at finals time because the library is open for extended hours and the Student Government holds fun little study breaks (AKA FREE FOOD) for you to go and relax and take a breather just when you feel like your head might explode.  There is also a little section in the library where you can color pictures to help de-stress and re-focus.  It's cute and fun!

After finals were over, I went home for about 10 days to relax.  I had an AMAZING break full of fun, family, friends, and food (alliteration! haha).  I really really enjoyed my time away from having to worry about papers, due dates, meetings, and responsibilities.  I love Mercyhurst, but there is definitely nothing like being home!  But, of course not everything lasts and I find myself hitting the ground running now that I am back!

Although I had a very enjoyable break, the Mercyhurst community has suffered quite a tragedy.  On Friday, November 19th, a fellow student of mine, Jenni-Lyn Watson, went missing from her home and her body was found a week later.  It is a horrible and indescribable event and I cannot realy wrap my mind around it.  Even though I never knew her personally, it struck close because shewas the same age as me, and she will never get the chance to live out her dreams.  Even though it was a horrible thing, Mercyhurst has really responded in a great way.  They kept the student body informed on the situation regularly through email, and has held prayer services for her.  Last night, they also held a beautiful memorial mass in Christ the King Chapel.  I did not attend but my roommate that did told me it was a wonderful tribute to her too-short life.

Even though I never knew Jenni-Lyn, it is nice to know that the school cares so much about their students.  It is a definite advantage to going to a small school.  They really care about each and every individual that sets foot here and when tragedies occur, it truly brings the campus together as a family.

Although life has been very unfair lately, we must continue to move forward with winter term.  Everyone just had to jump right back into life here.  I had my first class today and so far it seems like it will be an excellent term.  Hopefully this term will improve from here and turn out better than every other term!  Plus,  I LOVEEEEE Christmas time!

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