Monday, February 14, 2011

An UNFORGETTABLE Birthday Weekend!

My Roomie and I!

My Wonderful Boyfriend!

This past weekend was probably one of the best I have ever had!  I turned 21 on Saturday!  I had so much fun with my friends and family!

My Friend Lauren and I!

On Friday, my boyfriend and his friend came to visit and we had a fun, low key night!  At midnight, my friends all sang happy birthday and we had cupcakes!  We were going to go out to the local bar called the Cornerstone (probably a place you will become very familiar with when you are 21 and at Mercyhurst), but the senior class "100 Days Until Graduation" party was being held there and so it was really busy!  Instead we just stayed in at my townhouse and had fun on our own!

The next day was my actually birthday and my family all came to stay at a hotel for the night to celebrate with me!  We went out to eat at a Hibatchi restaurant (it was a good and fun choice!) and they even gave me a free desert!  My mom made me a crown that said "21" on it so everyone there was wishing me a happy birthday. 

After dinner, we went back to the hotel and cut into the BEAUTIFUL cake my boyfriend's younger brother made for me!  It was almost too wonderful to eat! (see picture!)  The hotel had a pool so after desert a bunch of us got on our suits (in the middle of winter...) and jumped in!  We had A LOT of fun and I cannot imagine spending my birthday with better people than I did!

I got cute wine glasses as a gift!
Today is Valentine's Day (HAPPY V-DAY to you!) and it is also the first day of the LAST week of classes in Winter Term.  I am VERY glad to see this term ending and really looking forward to spring break!  Luckily, as I am slaving over my notes to study for finals, I can think of my awesome weekend I just had to help me get through it all!  Not only that, the weather is much warmer and snow is melting!  So, here's to spring fever everyone!

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