Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Celebration of Life

Here I am one more week closer to the end of term...which also means one week deeper into end of term papers, projects, and final preparation!  So far so good on getting my work done, though!  I hope I don't lose track!

This week was exciting because one of the biggest winter storms of the year dumped on the entire country.  Schools every where were closed, including the schools of almost all my friends...except for Mercyhurst.  Haha it was really stinky to have to go to class when you knew so many people didn't have to, but here's the good part: the storm only BARELY hit Erie!  Yeah, it was icy and windy, but it seemed like NOTHING compared to what other cities and states had!  For once, good old Erie was very lucky.  And today, just a day after the "big storm", it was sunny and nice out!

While the weather treated us fairly this week, the Mercyhurst community is gearing up to celebrate the life of Jenni-Lyn Watson this weekend.  The dance department, which she was a part of, is holding their annual show called "Raw Edges."  The entire show this year is a tribute to the life of Jenni and her family is even coming to enjoy the passion that Mercyhurst feels for the horrible tragedy.  Sadly, I will be going home this weekend so I will not be able to attend the show, but I have no doubt that it is going to be very moving and a beautiful represetation of the kind of girl the Jenni was.

So, here's to celebrating life, love, and sunshine!

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