Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like (Antarctica?)

Well, as many of you may know, Erie has officially kicked off the lovely (or not so lovely) snow!  It really quite beautiful, unless of course you have to walk or drive through it!  But, of course, as all Mercyhurst students know, we must get used to it because there is only more to come!

On Monday was the first home men's and women's basketball games and they were pretty awesome.  I only cheered for the men's game, but the women won and the men put on an nail-biter by keeping it tied throughout most of the game!  We unfortunately lost at the very end by only 3 points.  For the first game it was a pretty good turnout, and I didn't mess up too badly at my first college cheerleading experience!

Yesterday, there was a speaker for the leadership society I belong to on campus and it really was quite interesting.  Tom Krieglstein talked to us over a broadcast about creating a digital social identity.  Of course, just about everyone I know has a Facebook, but I realized how useful and cool having this blog really is!  It gives me a chance to not only help prospective students get a chance to learn what being a student here is really all about, but it also helps me create a good reputation for future employers that may search my name n the internet!  That being said, I must now apologize to all you readers out there...because I now have a hidden agenda for writing this blog: getting a JOB! :P

Today has been a really good day, too (regardless of my 4 straight hours of class!).  My friends and I ate lunch in Egan cafeteria, which we rarely do, and were pleasantly surprised by the delicious food!  It was an Italian theme and they has lasagna, pepperoni bread, pasta, and wonderful cannol's and tiramisu!  A meal like that makes me want to eat lunch on campus much more often!  Luckily I will be just as lucky for dinner tonight!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Excited to see you took some good info from the talk and upping your digital identity game. Keep it up!